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A Day In My Life

Morning Ritual

I awaken, smiling, delighted – the sun, softly caressing my face. I feel love surging through me, like a slow current of warm water permeating my body. I remember my dreams in vivid detail, harmonious and beautiful, and my memory reaches out to last night’s prayer – of my goals, my ideals.… Read More

How To Plan Your Perfect Day

The Choice

What distinguishes you as an individual?

Is it your endowments – whether you were born rich or poor, pretty or pithy?

They do influence your development; but are they the measure of your own achievements?

Is it your experiences – the things you’ve lived, the people you’ve known?

They do shape your personality; but are they all there is to you?… Read More

My Honeymoon In Venice: The City Of Romance

Why We Chose Venice For Our Honeymoon

The task of choosing a place to spend our honeymoon was not an easy one. There are countless beautiful natural landscapes and well-reviewed popular cities to choose from. We are a romantic kind of people and that’s why we made a traditional choice by going to Venice.… Read More

Night Two – The Story Of The Great Pillar Of Light

There was once a charming little village. Its people were quaint and quiet, full of peace and goodwill. They had remained undisturbed for centuries, carrying out their lives within the traditions of their ancestors. Their horizon was of rich fields of grain and lush plains of flowers, of forests welcoming and safe pixeled by wild berries and soft mushrooms, and of river valleys leading to great mountains shrouded in thick mist.… Read More

Night One – The Story Of The Curious Sea

There was once a great sea, spread farther and wider than the eye can see.

It was a special sea; not because of its size, for there were greater seas; but because it had a trait shared by no other sea.

All other seas were self-contented; they were satisfied to just sit put, fat and flat, within their boundaries.… Read More

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