What I do:

I write for the web: blog posts, e-magazine articles, social media posts, email content, e-books, you name it.

Long-form/ultimate-guide blog posts are my specialty.

Topics on which I write skillfully include self-improvement, education and ecology, but versatility runs in my ink ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am particularly experienced in the sub-topics of vegan lifestyle, digital courses and waste reduction.

I can also ghostwrite on any topic except creative fiction; that one’s personal ๐Ÿ™‚

What you get:

My work ethic can be summed up in one word; quality. It compels me to writing that is:

  • Grammatically correct and stylistically consistent, thoroughly edited to ensure both.
  • Supported with accurate facts and logic, well-researched and well-thought;
  • Formated for the web, with your target audience in mind.
  • Optimized for search engine rankings; SEO gold for your chosen keywords.
  • Illustrated with images to powerfully convey key points, including at least one image per project for free.
  • Published through WordPress; I do the work of getting it online through your host or CMS.
  • Delivered on time, every time; with prompt responses and easy communication all throughout.

Check out my article A Writer’s Work Ethic to learn why all that should matter to you.

What You Pay:

Nothing. It’s all free. If you can convince me your cause is worth my time, I’ll write for you pro bono. A testimonial would be nice though ๐Ÿ™‚

Otherwise, on a per-word basis, all that is priced at about:

The increasing costs are justified by the extra efforts put in to research facts and ensure logical coherence at various scales.

Depending on the specifications of our project, it may be somewhat less or somewhat more. I’m all about fairness, and I can explain to you the reasons behind the sums I charge if you care to be informed, and hope that you find it fair as well. Contact me with a project overview to get an exact quote.

An additional 5% fee is added to the final sum if you perform the payment through PayPal. That is because of PayPal’s uneven distribution of fees on the sides of sender and receiver, as well as its hidden fees for currency conversion. I live in the EU, so if you pay in euro, the fee is 2.5% instead of 5%.


  • Extra images: extra 5% of project cost per extra image, up to three images per 1000 words.
  • SEO fine-tuning: extra 10% of project cost per extra keyword, up to three keywords per 1000 words.
  • Re-writing: extra 25% of project cost per re-write, up to three re-writes.

Ready to talk? Work with me now, or check out more of my samples first.

Additional Services:

Virtual Assistant/Customer Support

I have over a year of experience as Teaching Assistant for several of the top-rated web development courses on Udemy. I can provide top-notch support for your visitors and customers, including responding to post comments and handling email communication.


  • 15$/h for the first 10 hours.
  • 20$/h for the next 100 hours.
  • 25$/h for additional hours.

The increase in rates is because I expect to become two to four times as efficient in that time frame. In fact, you save time and money by paying an expert who can do in half the time what a novice can, and do it better.

Web Developer/Website Customization

I apply the same standard for quality writing and accuracy of words to quality developing and accuracy of code. As a web developer with two years of engagement in the web development world, I build websites that are:

Responsive across all devices and screen sizes.

Compatible across all modern browsers.

Optimized for search engine ranking and performance.

I can develop a website from scratch to your designer’s specifications, as well as perform maintenance and customization work on existing websites, including WordPress websites.

The rates are for developing the website (writing the code) only; you need to provide the design yourself. I can recommend trustworthy designers within your budget.

I do not use automatic website generators or other shortcuts. All of my websites are hand-crafted with care, custom-made to your specifications.


  • ย 499$ for a single-page professionally hand-coded website. Ideal for personal pages.
  • 899$ for a five-page professionally hand-coded website. Ideal for small businesses.
  • 1899$ for a professionally hand-coded WordPress website. Ideal for businesses that are ready to scale up.

You can check out my partial portfolio on Github to get a feel for the kinds of projects I’ve worked on.

You can further check out my CV website to find out more about my background as a developer.

As usual, the exact quote will vary according to our project’s specifications. The cost of customizing an existing website starts at 25$ depending on the task requested.

View my samples or get in touch now, and let’s make that project your next big success. ๐Ÿ˜‰